435 Bar & Grille

The 435 Bar & Grille is a fairly new restaurant in Leominster on Lancaster Street and since Glen and I had just moved back to the area recently from Southern Mass, I wasn’t even aware of this gem until recently. It’s been built in an old manufacturing building so it has a nice modern industrial…

Date Night at Chaibo Fitchburg

Last Wednesday night, I was trying to think of a relatively inexpensive option for Glen and I to go grab dinner and have a romantic date night. After some Google searching, I decided on Chaibo Coffee & Tea House, which is located at 37 Boulder Drive in Fitchburg right behind Destare (a great martini bar)….

Big E Postponed…On to Plan B

So, I know that I promised a review of the Big E as we were headed there yesterday. However, after waiting in traffic for an extra half hour, parking, then walking a half mile; the line for tickets was about an hour long! So, Glen and I decided that we would tackle the Big E…

Quick Stop at Lance’s American Grill

I wasn’t going to write another blog post tonight but Glen and I stopped by Lance’s American Grill in Leominster, and I think that the great experience we had warrants a review sooner rather than later. Lance’s is located at 301B Lancaster St in Leominster. It’s a small place that serves mostly grinders and burgers….

The Bootlegger

Last week we made a trip to the next town over to have dinner at The Bootlegger with family. It’s located at 50 Massachusetts Ave in Lunenburg. Opinions on this place are pretty split down the middle but I have never had a bad meal here, this was Glens first time trying it. Please bear…