435 Bar & Grille

The 435 Bar & Grille is a fairly new restaurant in Leominster on Lancaster Street and since Glen and I had just moved back to the area recently from Southern Mass, I wasn’t even aware of this gem until recently. It’s been built in an old manufacturing building so it has a nice modern industrial feel to it. It has those beautiful exposed brick walls, gleaming hardwood floors, big bay windows and a nice big bar with tvs in the middle.

The biggest reason that I wanted to try this place was because I had seen a lunch menu online and it said they have poutine. We are both suckers for poutine though we still don’t pronounce it correctly most of the time. The dinner menu for The 435 is difficult to find online, I’ve heard it is just because it is constantly changing which is an added bonus for me, I always love to try something new!

We got there around 7:00 on a Friday night so we were expecting a wait or just sitting at the bar, especially when we saw the parking lot! There wasn’t a single spot available and we had to wait for someone to leave. However, once we got inside we were seated right away. Very unusual for a Friday night dinner, maybe there aren’t enough people in the area who have heard about this place yet!

We were attended to by our waitress almost immediately, I ordered a glass of house Chardonnay which was only $5, and Glen just ordered a beer. For such a cheap glass of wine, I was impressed. I do have to admit I am not much of a wine snob, I have had plenty of inexpensive wine that is superior tasting to expensive brands.

Our first appetizer choice was of course the poutine, this was a poutine unlike any others that I have previously had, as the fries came topped with not only the traditional cheese curds and gravy but also braised short rib. (drool!) This appetizer was amazing! There was loads of cheese, the fries were seasoned to perfection,  the gravy was very flavorful and rich and the short rib was perfectly cooked. I would go back just for this dish.


We decided to order another appetizer after this since there are so many on the menu that sound great. We went with the pork belly tacos to share. The appetizer came with three flour tortillas with crispy pork belly meat, Napa cabbage and lime chipolte aioli drizzled on top. Once again, everything was perfect. Much to my relief, the aioli wasn’t too spicy which was perfect. The pork belly was tender and crispy on the outside and the flavors just blended perfectly.


As usual, Glen and I decided to share an entree. Once again, there were so many options that sounded great but since I’m a big fan of tuna we went with the seared ahi tuna which came with asparagus and fingerling potatoes. We let our server know that we were sharing and much to our surprise she made the extra effort to have the entree split between two plates. We were pleasantly surprised by this.

We made a good choice again with this dish. Even the asparagus was the freshest, most succulent vegetable I’ve ever had. The tuna was perfectly cooked with a semi warm middle. It was everything we were both hoping for. I think that this is the first time in awhile that I didn’t leave a lick of food on any of my plates!

I can not say enough good things about The 435 Bar and Grille and we will be returning soon. Perfectly cooked meals, great presentation, very friendly and accommodating staff, great prices for the quality, and a relaxing atmosphere.



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