Date Night at Chaibo Fitchburg

Last Wednesday night, I was trying to think of a relatively inexpensive option for Glen and I to go grab dinner and have a romantic date night. After some Google searching, I decided on Chaibo Coffee & Tea House, which is located at 37 Boulder Drive in Fitchburg right behind Destare (a great martini bar). I had been there years ago and remember it had been a nice little spot with some tasty options. Surprisingly, Glen had never heard of Chaibo but as always was down to try something new.

Chaibo is a cozy little place with the option for a table or you can sit on the couches and enjoy your coffee and food. It’s a nice concept, however, the couches and the floor were both awfully dirty and really not something you wanted to see at a place you were about to be eating at. :/


We bravely stuck it out in the hopes that we could at least get a good dinner out of it. Normally I would be all about getting a hard cider or a glass of wine but since it is a coffee and tea house, I decided to go with a French Caramella Latte hot with whipped cream. Glen ordered an iced caramel latte, sans the whipped cream because he’s clearly boring. I also need to mention that their tea selection is quite extensive and impressive, but we are both more of coffee people. We had no complaints here, this was great coffee, it was perfectly brewed and perfectly sweetened.


In true Glassie fashion, we ordered the cheese plate to share for our appetizer. From the second that this came out we regretted ordering it. It was the most boring cheese plate I have ever seen, but I guess we should have expected this at on $7.75. I believe it was a sharp cheddar, a mild orange cheddar and possibly a monterey jack. They all tasted pretty similar and came with crackers, sliced pears, and sliced apples. It wasn’t bad but yawn!, we didn’t eat much of this. Just for a side by side comparison and because I was pretty proud of myself, my first cheese plate I made for guests is pictured next to it. It has a maple smoked cheddar, a bismark sheep cheese, and goat cheese, paired with honey and fig jam and a few different types of crackers. Maybe I can start making cheese plates for them! 🙂


For my meal I ordered a pesto chicken and broccoli flatbread, and Glen ordered the Reuben sandwich. I enjoyed my flatbread but there really was nothing special about it that set it apart from any other flatbread I’ve ever had. Glen’s Reuben was not an actual Reuben as it was made with pastrami instead of corned beef. Weird. It looks delicious in the picture that I took, however it was lacking flavor, and Glen said there was something missing from it (well, besides the corned beef), that he just couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Our bill came to $38.57 including the tip for our waitress. I don’t think that we will be returning to Chaibo anytime soon as we were pretty disappointed by the food and the cleanliness of the place. If you are just going for a coffee date then give it a shot but for anything else I can not say that I would recommend it.

On another note, if the food in my reviews looks too delicious for you and you’re looking for something way grosser…please check out our show on YouTube, The Glassie Show. We have four episodes now with some pretty weird food and will be filming a new episode eating different kinds of canned meat in the next couple days so stay tuned!




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