Big E Postponed…On to Plan B

So, I know that I promised a review of the Big E as we were headed there yesterday. However, after waiting in traffic for an extra half hour, parking, then walking a half mile; the line for tickets was about an hour long! So, Glen and I decided that we would tackle the Big E on a later date, when we pre-purchase tickets and go on a weeknight. Since we had already taken the trip all the way down The Pike to Springfield, we figured we would stop at Plan B Burger Bar for lunch. Plan B Burger Bar is located next to the Basketball Hall of Fame at 1000 West Columbus Ave in Springfield. We had previously visited this restaurant months ago and had such terrible, slow service that we ended up leaving after we got our drinks (and waiting over 45 minutes for our appetizer). Well, we decided to give it another shot. It was mildly busy, mostly the outside area, as it was around 1:00. They have a very nice atmosphere inside with a nice big bar, and modern, hip fixtures.

We both ordered drinks; drink drinks if you’re wondering, as we were a little stressed out about the Big E situation. Glen got a Sam Adams Nitro Coffee Stout and I ordered an Old Fashioned as I am a big fan of whiskey. Glen loved his beer,which is a change up from his usual PBR :D. He’s not picky with his beer; clearly, but we are working on that! My Old Fashioned was just okay, a little watery. I have another place in mind that we plan on visiting in Hudson soon that makes excellent Old Fashioned’s. Any guesses on which place? I’ll leave you hanging for now 🙂

We picked what burgers we wanted right off the bat and decided on no appetizers because we wanted to be able to shove the entire burgers down our gullets! But…at the last minute as our server was taking our order, I saw Kentucky Bourbon BBQ wings, and I was immediately sold. They were only $9.99 and we received ten wings, not a bad deal for how great they were! Very tasty and flavorful, with a good amount of meat on them. We decided to take it easy on them and take some home with us so we could fit our burgers in our bellies.


It was a difficult decision on what burger to get, they had so many that sounded so appetizing! I ended up ordering the New Englander which is a burger topped with lobster, smoked Gouda, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and corn spread, with a side of sweet potato fries. I’m not a big fan of onions so I got it without these and I ordered it as rare as possible. I love a bleeding burger, actually I like all red meat that way! The sweet potato fries were perfectly salted. Glen got Porky’s Revenge with a side of green fries, (sauteed green beans) the burger consisted of a pork patty, thin sliced porchetta, house sliced potato chips, wicked hot sauce & ghost pepper cheese on a pretzel bun. Mine was fantastic, nice and juicy and plenty of lobster, plus the smoked Gouda went perfectly with the lobster. Glen really enjoyed his burger as well, though it was not as spicy as he expected, even though it said it had ghost peppers in the cheese. We both some how managed to finish the burgers in their entirety.

Our server offered us dessert after (a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake) which sounded extremely tempting but we were just too full, maybe next time. All in all, including the tip the total was $73.00. We had a great experience at Plan B this time, and we would probably go back again but only if it was lunch time as dinner gets much too busy. I highly recommend it if you are headed to the Springfield area.


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