The Bootlegger

Last week we made a trip to the next town over to have dinner at The Bootlegger with family. It’s located at 50 Massachusetts Ave in Lunenburg. Opinions on this place are pretty split down the middle but I have never had a bad meal here, this was Glens first time trying it. Please bear with my pictures, the new camera is on its way and it’s still a bit of a learning curve. I promise to improve đŸ™‚ . The atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxed and they have a nice outdoor patio and bar that is open year round. The staff there is very friendly, though from our experience not all that knowledgeable about the menu. We decided that we were just going to order a few appetizers to share. This is usually what we do as you get a nice variety for the same price that you would get a meal for. Before I get into the food, let me tell you that they have great drinks here! I ordered a blackjack margarita which for those of you who don’t know is a margarita with Chambord added. Yes it’s as amazing as it sounds and looks!


We decided to order the cheese and charcuterie board, The Bootlegger smokey lobster mac n’ cheese, tuna sashimi, and a side of creamy polenta. The cheese and charcuterie board came out first. It was very nicely presented but our server did not tell us what was on the board. Luckily, we are pretty familiar with our cheeses at this point and figured out that it came with a brie, mozzarella, and a blue cheese crumble. Glen hates blue cheese as I mentioned before so that was a no go for him. It was a rather satisfying cheese board but not that original as far as cheese goes. We both prefer the fancy shmancy goat cheeses and maple cheddars, you know the kinds of cheeses you can’t find just everywhere.


All our other appetizers came out at the same time and I immediately got started on the tuna sashimi. You really can’t go wrong with this unless its not fresh fish (yuck!), but The Bootlegger did have nice fresh tuna. It was spectacular, as I am always thrilled by raw tuna. (I am also sitting here making myself hungry now)


I don’t have a picture of the polenta but it was pretty standard. I have never tried polenta before so this was a first for me and let me tell you, I have been missing out. It was so yummy! By the time I got to the smoky mac n’ cheese I was too full to eat much. Its times like these that I am thankful for my husband and his appetite. They put huge chunks of lobster into this mac, I was pleasantly surprised! It was very creamy, rich macaroni and cheese, a great, very filling appetizer.


Overall we were both very satisfied with our meal at The Bootlegger. Service was fast and the food was fresh and presented in a nice fashion. Overall we spent $72 for both of our drinks and food, with tip. I definetely recommend trying this establishment, even if it’s only for a drink and appetizer.


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