Quick Stop at Lance’s American Grill

I wasn’t going to write another blog post tonight but Glen and I stopped by Lance’s American Grill in Leominster, and I think that the great experience we had warrants a review sooner rather than later. Lance’s is located at 301B Lancaster St in Leominster. It’s a small place that serves mostly grinders and burgers. I’ve never visited this restaurant before but Glen has many times (maybe because they serve his favorite soda, Moxie!). The owner, Lance and his daughter who was also working tonight are both very friendly, and offer great customer service. Lance used to run this business out of a food truck in Leominster and even though its a restaurant now you still get that food truck/comfort food kind of feel from this place.


Its small inside and rather quiet at the time that we went, I guess it gets busier the later it gets with people leaving the bar looking for some good munchies. We ordered our food to go, but they do also have tables to eat at as well. I ordered a fried egg sandwich served on a ciabatta served “woody” style. The woody style as explained on the menu is mozzarella cheese and bacon. They also offer the rusty style which is pepperoni and American cheese and the jungle style which is fried peppers and onions. Mine was simple but delicious. The bread was toasted with butter with lots of melted mozzarella, tons of bacon and two eggs. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice.


Glen ordered the Rusty Woody Steak Grinder which was marinated steak with pepperoni, American cheese, mozzarella cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The thing was huge! He’s been ordering this one for years so of course he gives a rave review. Looked delicious to me and I can attest that the pickles were pretty amazing.


The total for the two sandwiches and a can of Moxie came to $19.48 and for the amount and the quality of food that we received I would say it was a great value! I will be returning to Lance’s in the future, especially since it is right down the road from us.

Tomorrow Glen and I will be visiting the Leominster Farmers Market in the morning and then heading down to the Big E to check out all the delicious fried fair food, so keep an eye out for a new blog soon!


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