The How and What

In my last post I went into a little detail about what it is that I eat, there really isn’t many limits on what I will try. Glen is the same way, but more extreme. How is this possible you ask? When it comes to eating, Glen does not like wasting food which means that even if he doesn’t like a food, he still eats it, all of it. If he likes a food he eats every bite, and then some. I mean he will break the bones on chicken wings and suck out the marrow, he will eat the tomalley, sucking out every last piece of meat, he licks his plates and this is no exaggeration. I think that his only limit is no blue cheese! I have a few more than him, no liver, no ham, and absolutely nothing super spicy! Here’s Glen in all his glory…


While I don’t know if we can say we’re food snobs, because yes we still like the occasional can of Spaghetti O’s or stack of Oreo’s and milk, we do search out good food. We both love locally grown food more than anything, farmers markets are one of our favorite past times together. Some restaurants we tend to frequent are Armsby Abbey(Worcester), Bocado(Worcester), The Fix Burger Bar(Worcester), Cedar Street Grill (Sturbridge) and Asian Imperial Sushi (Lunenburg). Oh did I forget to mention we are from central Mass, but are always down for traveling! Especially if that involves good wine and cheese!  So, if any blog readers have suggestions of restaurants you would like for us to try, and review please comment as we are always open to something new. I feel like I have been rambling a bit so I will end it here, and tomorrow I will be writing our first restaurant review!



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