Let Me Introduce Ourselves!

Let me start off by introducing myself, I’m Cassie, I will primarily be writing this blog though we can not forget about my wonderful, daring husband Glen who will be trying all the food along side me. I used to be one of the pickiest eaters, I mean no red meat, very select fruit, nothing BBQ, basically anything out of the “norm” and then some. Glen has opened up my eyes and taste buds to all kinds of new and some very weird foods. In the past year I’ve eaten beef heart, lamb brains, liver (never again on this one), pickled pork hocks, pickled cabbage, the list goes on. With our love for food, we are always searching for the next best restaurant and the next weirdest food. We want to share our journey and experiences with you and give you reviews of all the places we go to in hopes you will try some new things too! We also have a fairly new YouTube channel The Glassie Show where we will be eating only weird and strange things, but don’t worry there will be some more normal foods on here for those who aren’t as adventurous! I am hoping to make new posts at least three times every week, and tomorrow I will be telling you a little bit more about our eating styles and some of our favorite places to go for some seriously good eatin’!


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